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good soup 1.3.12

heat some extra virgin olive oil in your magical soup pot while you cut up:

1 small bunch carrots

1 onion

1 celeriac

2 large cloves garlic

add these to the pot as you are finished cutting them and allow them to cook on med heat so they are softening slowly (i like to add some salt at this point too – just enough to bring out the flavor of these veggies).  the time spent on this will be the base of the flavor of your soup.  less time will be a lighter flavor and longer will be a heartier flavor.  once the veggies are on their way to cooked add:

1.25 lb ground pork (if vegetarian i’d also love this soup with garbanzo beans or red lentils just add them at the appropriate time).

give this time to start browning and add:

1 heaping tablespoon cumin

1 heaping tablespoon chili powder

2 pinches red pepper flakes

continue cooking until pork is cooked through.  now add about 1/2 cup of chicken broth let it come up to a boil and use it to deglaze your pot.  once done deglazing add:

2.5 -3.5 cups chicken broth

2 bay leaves

approximate 28 oz. whole peeled tomatoes

let this simmer on the stove for a bit (30 mins – over an hour).

now roughly chop about 1/2 bunch of cilantro and add it to the hop soup.  simmer another 10 -20 mins.

soup is ready!  but what is soup without toppings?

ladle soup into your bowl of choice and top with:

more fresh cilantro

a healthy squeeze of fresh lime juice

1/2 of a diced avocado

a small crumble of goat cheese


eat, drink, and be merry.  happy 2012 🙂



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it’s golden in the tree tops

it’s golden in the skies

it’s golden, golden, golden

october’s passing by

(adapted from wynstones autumn)


after days of grey skies and rain

the sun finally broke through again today.

as i was driving down our road i noticed how the tree tops really are golden now,

when the bright fall sun is shedding her golden rays upon them.

how the verse we have been saying about the golden tree tops and golden skies

suddenly becomes more then a verse

when you are living it.

and i realized, in that moment as i drove along,

that the verse echoing silently in my own mind and heart

was coming to life for me.

and that it brings nothing for them when it is not alive inside me to begin with.


i am emerging here from more grayness than just the rain over the last days.

a healthy cocktail of large and small life stressors seemed to pile upon each other in my mind and heart recently until two nights ago i stood over the broccoli soup pot at 9 o’clock at night scrubbing and crying.  tears of fear, loneliness, and worry.

it is funny – no matter how good life gets there are still those moments of despair.  moments of sinking into feeling so deeply alone that there really is nothing left to do but cry.  to cry and cry until you are done crying (and then pick up the phone and call your friend.)

since that moment i have asked for and received the help and support i needed to inch my way out of that little dark spot and into a place of hope and spacious light.

the golden golden golden on the drive home was searing its way into my very core and spreading back out like a reflection of my own emotional and spiritual shifting.


we made rice milk today.

it was the bean’s idea.

i resisted it heavily when he first brought it up at 8am as the best way to resolve the dire situation of being out of rice milk (his only beverage).

i fought back.

then i gave in.

eventually i got into it.

we found a recipe.  we measured and cooked.  we worked on it throughout the day together.  blending, straining, straining, and finally pouring the finished product into glass jars.  we made labels together and he stocked two jars into the upstairs fridge and three into the downstairs fridge.

he had looked at the first label i made,

“rice milk


and he asked to make his own:

“r    i         c e                   m    i      l          e

1  0     –  20    –  1            1 ”

he brought it to me and worried, “i couldn’t make the letter here,” while pointing to the k in milk.

“it looks beautiful to me,” i said.  “i can read this.”

several minutes passed.  he looked again at the jar with his label on it.

“if a real person was here could they know what mine said?”



maybe this is homeschooling.  measuring, cooking safety, creating something from scratch, copying mama’s letters as you make your own label.  wondering if your letters are real.


eventually the rice milk was cool enough to try.

he hated it.

“it tastes like there is rice in it!”


my schooling is in the art of letting go i suppose.




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green beans are good with lemon, garlic, tamari, tahini sauce



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and then i

yesterday i think i really became a modern day hippie when i spent a few hours in the morning dicing, grating, and chopping my local, organic, community supported agriculture share veggies so i could try some lacto-fermenting.

now there are three ball jars sitting on the counter fermenting.

on purpose.

to be eaten.


actually, i am pretty excited.

hip hip hippeeeeeeeee!

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i adored my lunch today.

really truly it was love(ly).

i know i have a unique relationship with food.  i like things JustSo and i tend to prefer to put it all together myself so that is JustSo and then also i JustLove food.  Love.  especially when it turns out exactly how i imagined it.

today was cold lemon roasted chicken breast

sliced cucumber

marinated olives

feta cheese

pickled radish

and a smallish hunk of fresh bread




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winter share

we had our second winter share pick up (from our vegetable csa) yesterday – having made barely a dent in last month’s installment. this morning i tried out a new to me recipe to pickle a few bunches of radishes. they will be ready to try in a few days…

meanwhile i need to discover a culinary answer to the handful of turnips we have that are the same size as my head. not to mention our daikon and watermelon radishes, parsnips, carrots, potatoes, rutabaga and varied winter squashes.

anyone have any simple and delightful recipe’s to (winter)share?

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december eve baking

is it not december yet?  i feel so surprised by that.  here i am all “taking in slow transitioning from thanksgiving to advent” and yet i was certain it was december on monday.

well it is december eve.  and in honor of that holiday feeling news we did some baking today.  these muffins were slated to be on the thanksgiving menu but they got scratched when i ran out of oven time/space.  all the ingredients have been sitting in the fridge begging to be married together for a quick treat.

i have been waiting though for a moment when i might have people to share with – beyond just me, flash, and our holiday induced bulging belly’s.

well tonight i am hosting a knit & sip.

and we had no plans this morning until story time at the library at 11:30.

so we baked cheddar leek muffins.

muffins cooling

they were relatively easy to make with several steps that the kids enjoyed participating in:
– i let pea cut up the butter
– they each got to measure and pour dry ingredients
– they each got to help crack one egg
– they sprinkled the muffins with the extra leeks

i made these minor changes to the recipe based on what we had on hand:
– switched out the all purpose flour for white whole wheat
– used agave in place of honey
– couldn’t stop myself from adding a bit of fresh ground black pepper

go forth and bake.
share with friends.
happy december eve.


ok, i might have sample just one when we got home from story time so i could be certain they were okay before serving them to guests.  if i did then i could share with you that it was tasty and paired nicely with my feta cheese and olives for lunch…

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