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aiming high

the light here
the great wide sky
the crisp clarity and sharpness
it makes you want to jump up
and aim high


all images are unedited and taken with my iphone


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i had a really tough time keeping the numbers low on this category.  i think the bean specializes in modern still life photography.  seriously!

the next set i will post is the best. “under the playroom couch.” don’t miss it…

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day one of our vacation at house number 254:

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happy easter

busy in the kitchen here whipping up some lamb burgers (or meatballs haven’t decided on the cooking size just yet), home made pita breads, and minty yogurt sauce to top it all with. plus we’ll have grilled veggies, steamed asparagus, and a cinnamon twirl bread my dad gave us for dessert. i can’t wait to start eating.

dining room table forsythia

dining room table forsythia

we are having the most beautiful easter weekend. yesterday i snuck out for a walk/run in the woods which filled me with something i can only call glee. this morning we all went for a long walk around town using the new double stroller flash found at a tag sale yesterday – the kids love it and it pushes so nicely. i am excited to continue to try to walk more and drive less.

easter "eggs" i made for the kids

while walking i continued my efforts to sell flash on Plan Adopt My Greyhound This Spring. his response, “don’t we maybe want to borrow a dog from your parents first?” always so responsible about pet adoption!

the buddha loves forsythia

the buddha loves forsythia

forsythia is in bloom here which caused me to realize ours were wildly overgrown which led me to do some major pruning yesterday. i couldn’t help but try to get as much in vases as i possibly could. it reminds me of my grandfather, ali, and that is such a good good thing.

easter eggs for a seasonal window (and more forsythia!)

easter eggs for a seasonal window (and more forsythia!)

and that’s the news.
happy easter to you and yours.

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sick baby (or should i say toddler?) + winter day = water play

sustainable babyish organic bamboo velour flat + peanut butter and ellie front pocket longies (old and well worn by her older brother!) = awesome cloth diaper fluff

foot = cuteness alert + mama love

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iphone uploadicus

today i uploaded photo/video from my iphone for the first time in months.

here follow a few gems:

sun run in aiken

another easy yummy from five minute bread book

funny face at aiken center for the arts

impromptu ice cream party (mama's has bread involved!)

meet julia with hair!

fun hair

handmade valentine

we are still in the sick house – only now bean has joined in on the fun. i am determined to find a nice weekend though. bound and determined. so far, so good!

peace to you all.
woowoo mama

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she’s cutastic

can’t help but share her.

yesterday she wore some cloth diapering fluff that she finally grew big enough to fit into.

in her oliva set



today we finally got to meet wotw’s darling baby boy. i of course finagled a way to have him wrapped onto me within an hour of their arrival. pea struggled a little with her jealousy but she recovered nicely.



black cherry pfau is still my favorite wrap ever ever ever ever. wotw has a wonderful, sweet, snuggly little munchkin who i never wanted to take off. what is nicer than a tiny baby wrapped on in a didy? nothin’.

come back any day wotw 🙂

enjoy your people today.
love – woowoo mama

p.s. can you believe how fast they grow up? a second ago pea was the tiny baby in the wrap and bean was the toddler on my hip…

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