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about two or three weeks ago the bean suddenly started showing an interest in the potty again so we started doing more naked butt time around the house.  i didn’t think too much of it because he has done this a few other times and then quickly changed his mind and refused to even admit that something referred to as the potty might exist.  as the naked butt time continued day after day with significantly fewer accidents than i might have anticipated i started to wonder if maybe, just maybe, he might potty learn at some point this summer.  flash even said something about it – out loud – and i quickly told him to can it because i knew as soon as the possibility was mentioned outside of my own head it was sure to disappear.  


about a week into his interest in naked butt time i was placing an order online taking advantage of sale prices on some cotton pj’s (it is bad when you notice you are still cramming your three year old into pj’s marked 24 months and the reason you notice is because you can’t figure out why they are so short on him) when i noticed some boys undies on sale too and so on a whim i threw some in my cart.  thinking, “maybe for next fall.”  and don’t you like how i can say “threw them in my cart” about internet shopping without batting an eyelash?  quality.


so then the undies came, three pairs, and i tried them on him.  during the time they were in transit he went from interested in naked butt to being naked butt and using the potty any time we were home and all the time we were home.  and then, one day, he was wearing a diaper and we were out and he asked me “can i tinkle?  do i have a diaper on?”  and i knew we were getting there.  we were way closer to having this whole potty thing going on then i had anticipated.  so, the undies arrived and i showed them to him and he decided he wanted to try the ones with stars and so the wearing of undies began.  


little by little he is changing from a boy who wears diapers to a boy who wears undies.  the times i have put him in a diaper he has not even peed or pooped in it in the last week or so!  (including for three hours at school, is that normal?)  this is all a little bit exciting and a little bit more than a little bit exciting and did i mention he only has three pairs of undies?  three pairs.  this is a boy who had something like 30 cloth diapers.  maybe more.  if i counted i might scare myself.  to be brutally honest i do not do laundry fast enough for 3 pairs of undies to be enough.  even without him having a single real accident there are those little drops of pee that get on the undies when he pulls them back up after peeing.  (speaking of, i keep trying to get him to wiggle his butt post pee to try to shake the drips off but we still have drips.  anyone got a tip on that?  or is that just part of the boy no wipe thing?)  so three pairs of undies will last us at most three days.  once they have been on for one day they do not pass the sniff test.  not even after being aired out for a day or two.  believe me, i keep trying.


so, i am very short undies.  


but it occurred to me the other day that i have a ton of those little cover things that come with girls dresses and are supposed to be the cute thing that goes over a disposable diaper.  because i have cute diapers and no reason for those things, i keep just shoving them in drawers and closets and wondering what to do with them.  yesterday i found one such pair (in the downstairs coat closet of course) and i had an ah ha moment.  they are basically the exact right size to be bean’s undies!  the only thing that has given me pause is the fact that they are all pretty girly.  you know, pink, with flowers and such.  i could care less and i doubt flash would be overly concerned (especially when i point out they are free) but am i doing him a major disservice by putting his little sister’s bloomers on him as big boy undies?  


it does give me pause.  but pause all i might, i simply had no clean undies today and we had places to go so i grabbed a pair that seemed not too too terribly fem and i threw them on him as “special new undies!”


please, be brutally honest, is this so wrong?



a peek at the undies

a peek at the undies

bloomers came with this ginko leaf dress from tea collection which i bought for a fantastically low price in a size for the pea to wear next summer back when they had a coupon for extra off the sale prices. (just in case you want to rush out and get a pair of these undies for your big boy.)


tomorrow maybe the hot pink eyelet?  can he rock it?  or have i crossed a line here?


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