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right now my neighbor is out on her front lawn

swath of brilliant green grass

freshly mowed.

she has a paper grocery bag

she is bent over


dandelions gone to seed.

she puts them in her bag.

it took some minutes before i realized

why the bag.

she is capturing the seeds

trying to keep the dandelions

from planting themselves

time and time again.

in my inbox i have several messages recently

about dandelions.

their healing properties.

how to make them into tea.

dandelion fritters.

isn’t the world amazing.

here we are

living side by side.

she has her brown bag.

i have dandelion tea.

her grown daughter is out front also.

smoking a cigarette.

hair disheveled.

they told us she is having brain surgery.

maybe she already has, and she is recovering.

maybe she is waiting for the date.

maybe when your daughter needs brain surgery

the healing properties of dandelions

are different.



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