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39. comfort food

with all the dripping going on around here there was nothing for me to do but cook it out.  on sunday night we had to have a full on comfort food dinner so i pulled out all the stops and we had twice baked potatoes and her recipe is pretty close to what i like to do. i am just all about sour cream so i use A LOT. and in a state like this i must use bacon i made myself and crumbled. along with those we had meatloaf and steamed cauliflower.

the meatloaf was something like this:
half an onion
1/3 of a red pepper
some carrot

chopped and sauteed.

put them in a bowl and stir in
1lb-ish ground beef
3/4 cup quick cooking oatmeal
one beaten egg
two shakes of worcestershire sauce
more then that bbq sauce
salt and pepper

bake that at 350 until it is done.

today, just to get over feeling lonely because flash is working out of town we made these yummy cookies.

luckily we have leftovers of the meatloaf and potatoes too. so i am pretty much eating my way into a good mood.


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9. chocolicious

thanks to my friend christine (the amazing woman behind boston mamas , posh peacock and more) for sharing this tasty and simple chocolate pudding recipe. she served it one day when our families were hanging out and i never forgot how good it was. last night my mom and i indulged and it did not disappoint. the only difficulty we had was not helping ourselves to seconds. we had it on top of strawberries and blueberries and ate it warm after the kids were both sound asleep. what a way to celebrate the chickpea’s six month “birthday.”

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