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i have been working as an animal communicator for about ten years now.  the entire time i have worked i have tried to help people to find their missing animals free of charge.  sometimes months will pass without a missing animal call and sometimes i will get three calls back to back – like a test of my will and strength.

as test because the work is hard to do and it is often the case that i am telling the person who contacted me that their animal has crossed over.  if this person is using a telepathic animal communicator to help them locate their animal friend you can be certain that animal holds a very special place in their heart.  a place that is sacred and blessed and unconditional.

the power of the grief felt when a person loses their animal is not to be under estimated.  made especially intense when the situation involved a period of time in which the animal was unacccounted for, posters were made, fields and forests and parking lots and the shoulders of roads were searched over and over, names were called and whistles rang through the air.  there was longing for the search to end with the sight of our beloved teacher, friend, family member.

today i got to make such a call to a wonderfully devoted cat mama.  before i called i asked the spirit of her cat to come through me so that i would have help finding the words and thoughts that might help her through the news i was trying to share.  i called upon my spirit guides, i called upon soyala, and then i called her.

the message coursing through me was of the beauty of a full life, regardless of its length.  three years of being loved and cared for, of being fed and stroked, of being respected and given the freedom to roam the wild areas surrounding his home.  three years of a deep unconditional loving relationship with a human who understood him on a level that some relationships never attain.  three years can be an eternity of healing.  three years can be the most blessed life imaginable.  the time, three years, not even worth mentioning – the color, sound, movement that filled those years makes your heart burst open.

the message was so full i felt it shifting my cellular structure.  the combination of love flowing between the woman and the spirit of the cat was bursting through me and my eyes were crying.  i felt like there would never be a way for me to use words to tell someone on the other side of the country the feelings i was full of.  i hope that in some way the energy of the message reached her – i know the spirit of her cat is still woven tightly into her living energy.

the call was over and i sat in silence for a moment.  in a prayer without words.  then i stepped out into my front garden and rang my thai buddhist temple bells three times.  i cleared out the energy that was not meant for me and i thanked the spirit of the cat for his vibrant teaching.

i walked back inside and saw my bean sitting on the couch.

that love, that life, is what i want for my children.  suddenly i have a new vision of what i am trying to create.  i don’t know exactly what method of education i will chose, i might not always get the discipline right, i stumble over my words and boundaries nearly daily, but i know what i want their life to feel like.  i want it to be a wrapping around of love with the spaciousness of respect for their individual energies and the freedom to explore the wildness of their worlds.  i want it to be the deepest kind of relationship two energies can share bounded by the understanding that i am the parent and they are in my care.  i want to try to be creating the present moment so that life is full of richness in the now and not aimed at some future state of being.  i want them to share their life as a blessing, a gift, a healing lifetime.

thank you for the insight cat spirit friend.

thank you for the blessing of your vision and your life shared.

thank you universe.


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welcome to the second installment of the soyala series. if you missed the past posts please feel free to meet soyala, and read soyala series I. if you feel like soyala’s words might help you, you may submit questions in comments or you can email me robinwoowoo at gmail dot com.

the other day i was scrolling through the newsfeed on my facebook page and one status update i read caught my attention. not in a good way. it was one of those cynical, negative, intended to be funny type status updates but to me it just felt like a sad piece of news.

i found myself thinking about this status update several times throughout my day. i wondered if i was being lame and oversensitive. i wondered if i should unfriend people who make these kinds of updates. i wondered why i kept thinking about it. i got to wondering why it is that being cynical has gotten to be so hip. why is it cool to be flip?

then i paused. i thought about how i was feeling.
i was feeling lonely in my desire to seek positivity.
and then i thought, maybe everyone feels this loneliness sometimes. maybe the woman with the cynical status update reads my updates and wonders why it is so cool to be new-agey. maybe she feels just as alone in her state of being as i sometimes feel in mine.

that felt like something important to realize.
but there was more i needed to know.

what do i do about the negative status updates of life?

dear sister, first remember that all thoughts you have are energy and all energy is forever. the thoughts you have about things you do not appreciate grow those very things. not just in the universe but in you. in your soul. like seeds taking plant you feed some of yourself to those things which you wish not to be.

in a situation like this it is really quiet simple. if something does not feel right/good/true to you then please see it and let it go. take the image, from meditation, of allowing the boats to travel down river. see, observe, accept as a part of some reality, and then let go. feeling negative is not helpful. not to any one/thing/moment.

allow yourself to be within a barrier of energy (blue egg). you see the world outside of your barrier but you do not let it shape you unless it is something that should be passing through your barrier and into your energy.

don’t worry – the universe will be sure to get any lessons you need in through the egg shell. (HA!) you work on holding the shell and the universe will be sure that the things you must have make their way to you. you won’t miss out in your effort to filter.

but if we always just sit back in the world staying away from that which does not please us then we are not living a life of loving service. so listen here, if you can feel what should be when you see what is then you take hold of that and let it be your energy. if you can be absorbed in the positive action of creating something then you have found a path worth taking.

feel the difference. sometimes you are around something that does not sit with you and all you are thinking is “i do not like this.” in that moment use the river. do not allow your negativity to take over. bring awareness and then let go. hold yourself in your egg. be strong and full of love and be full of the path which is right for you. this does not include judging others. it includes knowing what is YOU and being that which is YOU.

other times you may hear something that does not feel right to you and your reaction is to bring healing or positive change to the moment. you are not filled with the grey clouds of wishing not. you are filled with the coursing light of creating energy. in those moments you may seek the way to create what it is that is right for you.

does this include changing the world?
perhaps it could.
or changing one other person.
or changing one moment for one other person.
it could.
but it does – yes – include the change that takes place within you. that is the boat we are sailing.
send your “i don’t want that” down stream. take your “i do want this” and create your life. your life will feed other life. all thought creates energy and energy is forever.

note: when i am receiving this information from soyala it is much more layered than simply words. there are feelings and a sense of just understanding what she means. she also references things that are familiar to me (ex. the river metaphor and the blue egg). i am doing my best to get it typed out here but it is impossible for me to include each sensation i have. with that said, i am open to discussing any of this further, answering questions, explaining anything that makes sense to me based on everything i get but feels cloudy to others just reading the text. so, don’t hesitate to ask!

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some days i make battle with the ever running lists in my head:

walk the dog.

take beanie to preschool.

get to the grocery store.

buy plants for the whiskey barrels in front.

meet mom to help with horse ride.

plant the veggies in the back.

return library items.

pick up bean from school.

what is for lunch?

wash diapers.

fold laundry.

what is for dinner?

did i make the beds this morning?

did the breakfast dishes get cleaned up before we left the house?

yikes, poop explosion in the car.  pull over, find wipes, change diaper, look for clean clothes in diaper bag, look for a bag to put poopy diaper/pants/dress in..

oh, an iced coffee would be good.

shoot running late for school pick up.

great, the pea is having a massive tantrum and won’t get in her carseat.

i am late for pick up!

we are too late for this tantrum!

try distraction, try brute force, try playfulness, try not to scream myself.

ok fine.  soyala, you say you will speak.  what do you do in these moments?

first, my friend, you need to shift from your head to your heart.  in your head space you are creating energy that makes chaos.  in your heart you will find more stillness.  you will find energy that creates being.

close your eyes.


move yourself to your heart place.


yes, there you are.  when the list is driving you please answer with this movement first.

now turn your senses back on.  what do you see around you?  what do you hear?  what is touching your skin right now?  what are you feeling in your heart?

don’t run your life from your head.

if you need a list put it on paper.  write things down so that your mind is free from the task of constantly organizing you.

these are truly days of joy.  these are days of boundless love from your young children.  these are days of abundance.  the task list crowds out the joy of each moment.  the task list has you focused on getting done not on being through the doing.  there is no love in getting done.  on a good day i might argue there is NO POINT AT ALL in getting done.  getting done is not a life.

which doesn’t mean you do not do things.  you surely do.  you do go to the market to purchase food to nourish your family with.  you do find the time to plant herbs, to plant tomatoes, to plant flowers in your whiskey barrels.  you create a vibrant land on which to live.  you love that which you plant.

“but it’s not that easy,” you think.  yes.  easy itself is not what you are thinking.  easy is not seamlessly achieving small check marks.  the ease comes from your presence in the task.  the ease comes from within.  and when it is lacking in your energy then you reach out and tap into the divine.  she is always there, loving universe, god, divine light, to feed you the ease.  the ease is the grace of your being, being.  the ease is the breathing, the sensing, the feeling through each moment.

the ease is the moment that he cries out that he is not ready to leave school and so you tuck you list into your pocket and you kneel down and hold his still so terribly small four year old body in your arms.  you just hug him and you don’t ask what is wrong and you don’t ask why not and you don’t think but but but.  you wrap him in the ease of your love and you feel the ease arise within your own energy.  there is nothing to get done.  you are doing life.  in that simple holding.

so you see, you do it.


you just have to allow yourself to continue.

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