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answering questions from the comment on yesterdays post in here:

So, how did the interchage btw your spirit guides and victory go?

i thought it was good and fun and typical spirit guides there were times when after their answer my reply was “sorry.”  they always have to be like that don’t they?  my guides are not big on saying things in the gentlest possible ways.  they are pretty direct and sometimes even wise in a wiseass kind of way.  i am going to try to think of a good example but of course, i can’t remember specifics.  whenever i go to the place i need to be to do this stuff and do it direct like that i can’t remember it well.


did she feel forced upon?

luckily for me victory does not seem to have felt like i opened my mouth and puked woowoo all over her.  phew.


was victory open to it?

unbeknownst to me victory has a little woowoo in her history – just not so much her present.  so this didn’t feel like a huge stretch into freakyville for her after all.  one nice thing that has come out of all this, on my end, is feeling less compartmentalized in this relationship.  i tend to have people fit into little sections of my life my “mommy” friends, my “woowoo” friends, my “ap” friends, and so on.  victory was an “ap” friend and now she sees the woowoo me too.  maybe this is all a part of the blogging experience for me in part.  because i bring it all to the table with this blog in ways i usually don’t.  and then, anyone can read it and meet the whole me.  not just the part i would tend to present to them.  i know victory reads the blog, so i know she has read the woowoo posts, which helped me be willing to try this.  but enough about me, no one asked about me…


was what was said significantly diferent than what you had been saying??

i am not sure if the double questions marks was a typo or like a “hey i am really interested in this question here so i am putting in two questions marks!”  to me, it read like the latter.  in my experience, it felt like what was said was different.  my “helping” victory had been much more focused on helping her stay positive about the chance to be the at home parent in the future.  the spirits were encouraging her to stop being so afraid and to make major changes in her life right now.  not necessarily ones that meant she would be the at home parent but to look larger.  


also, she took the experience as a chance to ask more direct questions which, much as she may love my advice, she hasn’t done with me.  so instead of just supporting there was a feeling of guiding going on.  and, from my perspective…there was less “but” involved.  when i have thrown ideas out to victory she has generally had a reason why my idea won’t work.  a “but.”  for some reason she didn’t want to talk to the spirits that way?  


i invited victory to answer these same questions from her own perspective as well.  so i am going to put her answer up her now.  i am guessing it is of much more interest then my own.  


 “i did not feel at all forced upon! and i did feel that the replies were not from woowoo mama but just being relayed through her. i “think” i know her well enough to tell they were not hers. it was insightful and it also encouraged my to connect with my own guides. hopefully more is to come. i think we’re on to something here.”


there you have it.  straight from victory’s mouth.  or, fingers, which in the land of blog is basically mouth.  right?  and of course, she is short and sweet while i am all kinds of rambling on.  


oh well, peace out from woowoo.

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things on my mind

flash has been away all week pretty much and it is getting old.  i miss him.  i miss talking to him in the evenings and listening to him play with the kids early in the morning while i lay in bed dozing.  and i want to be sharing all this stuff with him – like bean’s successful first day of preschool.  and my cheesy cheeseless casserole.

i was nosing around on the pioneer woman which is a new hobby of mine, especially when i have a basket of laundry to fold, and i read this post about her giving up her morning coffee and her 8 month old suddenly sleeping better. from my sleepless years with the bean where i never touched a drop of caffeine i kind of doubt this is the answer to chickpea’s wakings but at the same time i have been feeling a little funny about my suddenly drinking coffee again after years without it. so, i just decided that this morning i am not having any. maybe i will conduct a little experiment.

instead of coffee i am drinking a green smoothie. my other new hobby. if you want to join me do this:

put two large kale leaves
and about 1.5 c water in your blender and blend until smooth.

then add a pear, an apple, strawberries, and blueberries and blend again.

that is today’s green smoothie – except it really is kind of a bluey/brown smoothie due to the kale and blueberry combo. this is my first day using kale, before i have been using spinach or chard. and i have to say that of the three kale is my least favorite. for your very first green smoothie i’d go for the baby spinach. or the chard, i really like the chard.

victory has been up and down about her life a lot lately. or, by lately i think i mean since i first started being friends with her which was about a year ago. but it seems to be getting more intense. she has been talking about wanting to be a stay at home mom, right now she works and sww (her husband) is home with the kids. of course, being a stay at home mom myself it is hard for me not to support that desire. i do it, i like it, she wants to do it, i think she should. seems pretty straight forward. so whenever she gets down i tell her not to worry, it can work out, it will work out, keep working but keep looking for another way.

suddenly yesterday i had this realization that i was sort of advice giving based on my desire. being a stay at home mom is kind of lonely and if she was one too then i’d have another friend who was just like me and isn’t it always nice to feel like people are just like us?

but, giving me focused advice is probably not all that helpful to her. and helping her is kind of the point. big sigh. what can i do? i decided, with her permission, to do some woowoo instead. i got in touch with one of my guides and let her answer victory’s questions. i told victory clearly that this was not me talking even though i was the one talking. and then we got to work. i don’t usually do such instantaneous work. i tend to be more of the tell me your problem, i’ll go journey on it and get back to you style of help. but, this just flowed and from my perspective it worked.

still it is a little strange to suddenly tell your friend you are not answering her questions your spirit guide is. and you are kind of hoping your friend isn’t saying “ok!” but thinking “ok you whack job psycho woowoo lady who i now think is insane.” or even “ok, thanks for pushing your weird spiritual stuff on me even though i am totally not into it.” i don’t like it when people force their stuff on you. here is an example.

my friend had an old friend visiting her, and that friend was picked up by a friend of his that she had never met. ok, lets number these people for ease. my friend = 1. her old friend = 2. his friend that 1 does not know = 3. so 3 comes to 1’s house to pick up 2 and 3 launches into this whole psychic aura reading of 1. did 1 ask for this? no. 3 just walks in and says, wow i can see a lot of your life can i tell you about it and launches into her woowoo without 1 even having time to answer. that gets to me. do your stuff, help people if they want it, but don’t spew all over an innocent bystander.

but i should let that go because it is not my work.

my point is i didn’t want to be spewing on victory but i have been saying the same stuff for almost a year and it just isn’t helping so something had to give. i tried to give. giving can be good.

today i am planning on getting things done. so i better go get started.

woowoo is out.


here’s an old pic of the bean giving lacey her toy – since we are on the topic of giving.


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it turns out that victory’s other half is not that fond of my name for him.  so, please, let me explain…


i have these wool pants that the pea wears and they have a cute little understated ruffle across the butt.  and victory and her crew are thinking of trying the fitted/wool route of cloth diapering.  and her lovely husband said he thought their daughter would look cute in the ruffle butt pants.  so, i called him ruffle butt.  


but he is no ruffle butt himself.  he is a man’s man.  all man.  all kinds of tough, hard working, tankini woman lovin’, doppler liking, play house building, train taking man.  and he likes man food too.  like pizza and meat.  no green smoothies for this man.  oh, and i am fairly certain he can lift big things cause he is that strong.  big strong man.  


so without further ado let me tell you that the guy formerly known as ruffle butt will heretofore be known as silver waves wrapper.  or maybe just sww.  because, i got him totally hooked on the didy’s yo and he rockin’ silver waves all the time.  babywearers unite:



and you know sww is not the only super wrapping dada out there.  check out flash:


flash in the waves


is it just me or is there nothing hotter then a man wearing his baby in a didy?  oh yes dad’s, you want a little action, do the dishes and wear the baby in a wrap.  yum yum.

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food II

i wonder if this sudden obsession with posting about my food is some kind of aversion to talking about real things after that gory no more babies post. but, anyway, i have pictures and everything so that must make it legit.

first of all, i wanted you all to know what the breakfast of champions really is around here. because it is the same thing everyday for my little bean. he is a man of taste and values and he has a rather picky palate.

breakfast of beancashews and goldfish.  sometimes this is just goldfish.  or, bunny shaped crackers.  he would love to have just cashews but come on now — a nut only diet and cloth diapers do not a good combination make.  

i really don’t want to put this up and have anyone tell me about the poor nutritional start to the day so it is a good thing that i really don’t have anyone reading my blog except victory and her husband ruffle butt.  and, i am fairly certain their kid eats chicken nuggets and peas for lunch every day.  so, they have sense of where i am coming from on this one.


i, on the other hand, like some good food.  i suppose i am equally picky about my food but just in a more complex and multifaceted way.  i want nice food, just so, and i often would rather make it myself so that it is just how i want it even though i had to do the work and someone else may have offered.  call me crazy.  i don’t mind.

flash is away for work so i normally would not bother to cook just for me, but i did.  i could dig deep and try to sort out why but i am liking things fluffy.

for dinner i decided to try out this recipe i have been eyeing since she put it up over the weekend almost cheeseless casserole. i don’t know why i was drawn to it because i have never in my life thought, “i wish this had less cheese” about anything at all. more cheese is more better.

i did make a few changes. instead of the butternut squash i decided to go for some zucchini which i cut into thick rounds and then quartered. and, i added another handful of feta to the recipe by stirring it in with the yogurt/garlic/egg mixture. i also simply could not be bothered to toast my almond slivers so *gasp* they went on raw. i am such a rebel.

after i had assembled it i had a major crushing reaction to how it looked and was sure i had done something wrong. i rechecked the recipe a few times but could not find my error. but man oh man mine looked like two noodles in a bath of yogurt and i couldn’t believe it would turn out ok. see for yourself:
i know it is kind of hard to see the yogurt bath because i had put my raw almonds on top and that is kind of all you can see. oh, and if you want to cook this please note that the recipe said to put the toasted almonds on after baking. oops. but, my point is that it was really really yogurty looking and i thought my dinner was going to be “good enough” which is not really worth the effort for just me home alone with the kids who won’t eat the stuff.

well, i put it in the oven, set the timer, and chatted a bit with gohan while i waited. (while we were chatting i was making the bean his omlette for dinner and passing pea spoon after spoon after spoon to teethe and bang on things. it was really peaceful and relaxing.) gohan was telling me the most hysterical story about touring #1’s soon to be school and the principle referring to some of the students as “retarded.” yes, that is right. it is the year 2009 and a principle of an elementary school who was giving prospective parents a tour repeatedly used the descriptive word “retarded.” isn’t that just so wrong you find yourself trying not to giggle? or am i just messed up.

ding ding, the timer goes off and guess what. the yogurt stuff cooked up so nicely and now my dinner looks awesome!

once again, not the best picture ever. so sorry. if you scroll back up and click on the link i gave you she has a really nice picture you can look at. and mine looked just like it. no, really, it did. just like it. well, except different pasta, zucchini, more feta, untoasted almonds, and the fact that i am not a professional. but whatever because it tasted so good it was worth juggling the kids to make it all for myself.

you should try it. and please please please, for the love of all things that go really well together but you don’t want to do because you are too lazy DO NOT SKIP THE ZEST. you want the zest in there.

now i will shut up.

but, did you notice the title isn’t numbered?

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39. comfort food

with all the dripping going on around here there was nothing for me to do but cook it out.  on sunday night we had to have a full on comfort food dinner so i pulled out all the stops and we had twice baked potatoes and her recipe is pretty close to what i like to do. i am just all about sour cream so i use A LOT. and in a state like this i must use bacon i made myself and crumbled. along with those we had meatloaf and steamed cauliflower.

the meatloaf was something like this:
half an onion
1/3 of a red pepper
some carrot

chopped and sauteed.

put them in a bowl and stir in
1lb-ish ground beef
3/4 cup quick cooking oatmeal
one beaten egg
two shakes of worcestershire sauce
more then that bbq sauce
salt and pepper

bake that at 350 until it is done.

today, just to get over feeling lonely because flash is working out of town we made these yummy cookies.

luckily we have leftovers of the meatloaf and potatoes too. so i am pretty much eating my way into a good mood.

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beanie yo

we made it through out first school day.  he even played with a teacher and some other kids while i stood in another room for about 30 minutes.  did you get that part…i will repeat it bigger just in case you missed it…IN ANOTHER ROOM.  i would never have thought that would be at all ok.  he is changing, growing up, getting more secure in the world.  it is making me feel really good.  boo ya!  and, isn’t he handsome too?  i know all mama’s say that about their kids but seriously – look at him!  cute to the max.  

he is so tired right now and it is only 2 in the afternoon.  but that is ok.  now, i just have to decide what our game plan is for the second day of school.  i think i might try to leave for a bit.  is that crazy?  have i gone off the deep end?

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37. nerves

today is the bean’s first day of preschool.  i am pretty sure he is ready.  we are only going for two hours.  chickpea and i are staying with him the entire time he is there today.  why or why oh why am i so nervous?  look, he used to be this small baby beanand now he is going to preschool?  how on earth did this happen?  are you guys sensing a theme in my life here?  do you think that sometime soon i might get used to this stuff and stop freaking out?  


i better go breath or it is going to be a crazy morning.  peace.  peace.  peace.  life is good.

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