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almost done with a neighborly i decided to knit up for miss pea. just have to hem up the bottom, sew on the button, and weave in the ends.

this was a fun and quick knit which i truly enjoyed. now i just have to hope she likes to wear it!


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let there be garlands

the activity on the calendar for the 3rd was creating garlands for the christmas tree.

garlands on crazy crafting table

we used our trusty plastic beads, 1″ bells, some embroidery thread, and long embroidery needles (that i had from last year’s doll making project) to make these.  both kids needed some help here and there and we let the project stay out and be worked on in several small chunks of time over a twenty-four hour period.  i started them off with their needles threaded and one bead tied on the end.  i also placed a handful of each type of bead in a section of egg carton for them.  it turned out that the pea was significantly more interested in moving her beads around the different egg carton segments than making her garland so i did much of hers.

i think we may be making more of these!

gratuitous cutie pie photo

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martinmas belated

our lanterns

George’s Lantern
Lying in the meadow grass
And gazing at the autumn sky,
“Dear Father Sun,” said George out loud,
“It will be winter by and by.”

“The nights will be long, dark, and cold.
Jack Frost will freeze the ground.
How shall I find the light
With so much darkness all around?”

Said Father Sun, “I’ll give you from my
Last autumn rays, a spark,
If you will make a little house
To hold it in the dark.”

With paper, paint, some windows
And a candle it was done!
George came out and held his lantern
Up to Father Sun.

Suddenly the windows lit,
The spark was dancing bright.
George carried home
His lantern in the twilight.

(poem found here)

last thursday i realized during naptime that it was martinmas. martinmas is a holiday/festival that i was totally unaware of until i developed my interested in waldorf education. (i am going to skip right over trying to explain it at all.  google can do a much better job of it!)  i am so new to all of this but somehow, martinmas felt like a nice one for us to try. i skipped around the internet and flipped through some of my waldorf seasonal books that day gathering up lantern making tutorials and songs/stories/poems related to martinmas to find little things that i could piece together for us. and then i made a truly wonderful decision – instead of rushing us through stories, poems and activities that afternoon so that we could do a lantern walk that night i could just wait a week. just let go of the date and give us a week to find our way there.

over the weekend i began to tell the story of saint martin cutting his cloak in half to share it with the beggar and we carried that into this week. then i introduced several of the poems and songs shared in the martinmas circle linked to above. i ended up landing with two or three that seemed to light up their eyes which i read and recited to them here and there yesterday and today. no pressure on myself to know anything too well. no pressure on us to be a certain way. just filling in the space of our days with what felt good.

this morning we worked away on our lanterns in preparation for tonights walk. it felt so good. i can’t put into words why and i don’t want to get too sucked into analyzing it with my head. i am not sure if it was the joy of just going for it – instead of waiting for perfection – or if it was the energy of this particular festival getting inside me.

i won’t be sitting around a beautiful fire at a waldorf school tonight with watercolor painted lanterns. i don’t have anything memorized to recite to as we tromp around our acre of land. i am not sure the candles will stay lit or the lanterns themselves will hold up to a walk in the hands of 2 and 4.5 year old. it doesn’t seem to matter though. it seems to just feel like – ok, this is us. i love us.

I’m coming with my lantern
And my lantern comes with me.
There over the light are stars,
Here under the light are we.
My light is out,
We’re going home,
Rabimmel, rabammel, rum!

(also from here)

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sometimes it just feels good to finish something.

something beautiful.

something tangible.

something i made with my own two hands.

even if it has been in the works for quite awhile.

completed shawl:

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today’s treat

listening to this.

while working on my shawl and sipping an iced coffee.

i confess – i am following my joy again.

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in this moment

~ healing iced tea, a recipe i intuited on friday.

~ mixed nuts, trader joes.

~ looking at the patterns i chose for my big push to make  a sweater for beanie and a sweater for pea for next winter.  going to follow the joy on this one and not worry too much about what is truly possible.

~ loving the yarn i chose for the above mentioned sweaters.  oh yes.

~ feeling happy about the slow and steady progress on my shawl.

~ resting while the kids rest.  saving up energy to continue healing myself and also manage the home and kids alone this week.

~ more iced tea.

~ maybe a cookie.

~ peeking at the company store sale.

~ realizing how much i love knitting.

~ feeling pretty happy.

~ wondering how you are.

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the bean has the sweetest way of describing anything that was knit or sewn as something “mitted.”  the other day, talking about the flowers on his bed sheets, flash described them as “painted” on the sheets.  bean quickly corrected him, “no those are mitted on my sheets.  like when mama mitts something.”

this weekend i finished up some hats i have been working on as a new baby, older brother gift:

and i kept plugging away at my shawl:

i also managed to go out on both friday and sunday evening, run once, ride a horse twice, put clean sheets on some of the beds, do my food shop for the week, and do a little laundry.  not too shabby of a weekend.

last year a few friends and i decided we wanted to try sharing our weekly meal plans to help inspire one another.  we started a blog as the place to do the sharing.  within about two weeks the whole thing fell flat – only two of us had ever posted and it just didn’t seem worth the effort.  i recently decided that it couldn’t hurt to have a spot where i was posting my meal plan.  its easy enough if i skip sharing the recipes and just stick to a simple outline of my plan.  if anyone wants a recipe i am happy to put the effort into typing one out – just let me know in the comments!

now, in case you are looking for idea’s here she is:  bacon & cookies

take a peek, enjoy, and please feel free to share or link to your meal plan in the comments as well. i am always looking for ideas…

p.s. geneen roth actually took the time to leave a comment on the post i wrote the other day about my thoughts after watching her on oprah. how cool is that?!?!

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