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our advent calendar:

has glitter:

and ends on the twenty-first:

(because that is the day we fly to south carolina.)

i have a small notebook with a list of holiday/advent/winter activity ideas that i will use to fill in the back of the next days decoration at night while the kidlets are sleeping.  i’ll keep you posted on how this style of celebration/seasonal inspiration works out for us.

and lest you think that making this lovely tree was all sunshine and roses – i did find myself telling yelling at the bean “did you notice the word help is in the name helper?” as he pelted me and the surrounding floor with small plastic beads this morning at 8am.  he cried, i fumed, i stopped fuming, he stopped crying, he sat on my lap, we got through it.  that is life with my 4.5 year old.

note: our calendar was inspired by this tutorial

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