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simple simple

you must have a go-to-marinade.

in case you do not i am about to share mine.

it is simple simple simple and it is equally tasty.

it works well on chicken, pork, and veggies.  baked in the oven, sauteed in a pan, or grilled.  go figure?!

fresh lemon juice

soy sauce

dijon mustard

olive oil

combine with whatever you are marinating.  let it sit for a bit.  cook it.  easy peasy one two threesy.

(ok ok, i have no idea how much of what.  do you need an example?  lets say it is about 1/4 lemon, 1/4 olive oil, 1/2 soy sauce to make it wet and just enough mustard to give it some zing.  does that count as providing measurements?)

in other news, i did my walk/run again today.  it was not a good run but given that i am about to sit in a class all day tomorrow and saturday i thought i better force the issue.  also, thanks to the comments on the last post i knew i had a few people out there cheering me on and that got me up that last hill.  i swear it.


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i hope you all enjoy the below recipe.  meanwhile, i want to alert you that i will be providing stash pics for steph at adventures in babywearing’s link up tomorrow and i will also be announcing a new wrap loan plan i intend to launch off my blog. if you have wanted to try a woven wrap but have been intimidated by the learning curve or the investment you might want to stop in and see what i have planned…


ready to eat

ready to eat


the other night flash and i enjoyed a really nice summer meal together after the kids went to bed.  i wanted to share the recipe because it was easy and light and delicious which is a great combo.  my jumping off points came from a recipe over at 101cookbooks for lemon chickpea stir-fry and from a site called wicked tasty harvest for radish leaf pesto. i am just the kind of person though who likes to look at a recipe for inspiration and then cook things my own way. so here is what i did.

the pesto:

  • two bunches of radish greens
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • one handful raw almonds
  • a small amount of freshly grated parmesan
  • olive oil


basically everything is going in the food processor until it reaches a consistency you like but more exactly here is what i did.

  1. put almonds in food processor and get them started down to a smaller size
  2. add radish greens and garlic and let that go for a few seconds
  3. add parmesan and process until everything is the small size you like
  4. add enough olive oil for pesto to be the thickness you like.
  5. call it a day.  or add some salt then call it a day.  up to you.

i had made this the the other night and frozen it in small portions in an ice cube tray which i then emptied into a freezer bag to store.  how handy!



my stir fry was largely shaped by the veggies i had on hand from my csa share and then influenced by the 101cookbooks recipe idea linked to above.

  • one small can chickpeas rinsed clean
  • two shallots diced small
  • one head broccoli chopped into bite sized pieces
  • one bunch bok choi chopped into bite sized pieces
  • a few inches of fresh ginger diced small
  • one lemon zezted and jucied
  • enough olive oil to cook with


  1. heat olive oil in a pan on medium high.
  2. get the chickpeas and shallots started together and allow the chickpeas to brown lightly.
  3. while shallots and chickpeas are getting going add ginger.
  4. once the chickpeas start to brown add broccoli.
  5. after the broccoli has cooked for two or three minutes add bok choi.
  6. after everything is fully cooked remove it from heat and toss in the lemon zest and juice.



stir-fry in the pan

stir-fry in the pan



the pesto and the lemon ginger of the stir fry went so well together.  flash and i agreed that this dinner was a very enjoyable way to “go vegetarian.”  i hope you try it and like it or that you are able to use it as a spring board for some other cooking fun.


oh, as a note, i have used the pesto to top pasta, as salad dressing, and on top of toast so far and loved it each way.  i never would have guessed that.  i guess this is the week of the radish for me!


ok folks, hope to see ya tomorrow.  

woowoo mama 

not mama llama

but we like the book (llama llama misses mama)

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it has been so long since i put any pictures up and i am feeling seriously guilty. i am sure you all are sick and tired of all these words and just want to hang out and look at a baby smile again. sorry about that. i shall try to get my act together in time for tomorrow. or, perhaps, early next week.  meanwhile lets visit this nice smiling baby even thought it isn’t that recent:


grin and belly pudge courtesy of chickpea

grin and belly pudge courtesy of chickpea



we had a lovely friend of ours over for brunch today. he is one of those people that is not married with kids yet but you can already see what a great father he will be when it happens for him. and he is easy to be around and talk to. flash has known him for a long time and i feel right at home with him which isn’t always the case with me. sometimes i can be a little freakish and awkward. i know, you never would have guessed right?


it was nice to hang around, enjoy some food, enjoy my children and watch someone else enjoy my children, and not be thinking about everything i need to get done. i am fairly certain this is the whole point of that “dirty house is a life well lived” quote. it doesn’t mean its cool to have a dirty house and spend more time reading blogs. it means, it is cool to have a dirty house and spend more time outside playing with your kids while peppering your hours with a little adult conversation here and there. and, eating a lot of good food. fresh fruit, bagels, eggs, bacon, more fruit, bread pudding, and iced tea.


speaking of good food. i made about 13 tons of the tikka masala last night. enough for us to have two dinners out of it with the chicken i made and then two more times worth of the sauce to throw chickpeas in for dinner some other time. so the freezer is stocked with tikka masala, baby. i figured, as long as i was doing it, go for the gold. kind of like the olden days when i thought i was going to be the type of person who pull off a regular big cook like gohan/cakeissweet/my lovely sister in law does. in the name of all things holy i did cook my little tush off last night. not only did i cook enough tikka masala for a small army of nursing mothers but i also made up a batch of radish leaf pesto which i froze in an ice cube tray a la homemade baby food puree for future use. it is a firey little pesto if my finger dip taste test is to be trusted but i didn’t actually eat any yet.


gohan/cakeissweet/my lovely sister in law asked me if i was taking blow by blow pictures of all this cooking and i had to laugh her off. it was all i could do to accomplish the cooking during witching hour home alone with both kids. i would have been much smarter to do it in the morning, but, alas, i didn’t have any food at that point and i was dragging the kidlets around the grocery store in a mad dash to get home before lunch time and naptime. we were late of course and everyone was tired and crashing including me. i cannot wait until the pea is ready to move to one nap. seriously, two naps is nice and all but there is not time to do anything that is not also a meal time or dangerously close to a meal time.


anyway, i think g/cis/mlsil just asked because she so amazingly put up a fantastic looking recipe on her blog the other day, pioneer woman style, with great pics and everything up the wazoo, for contraband kimchi fried rice. go, learn, drool, cook, and for the love of woowoo mama share! i haven’t had time to get to my kimchi source yet so thus far the recipe just taunts me from afar. a very very far. hey, cakeissweet, why do you guys live so far away?!


i love cooking. in fact, i love it so much i have taken over i’d say ninety eight percent of the cooking that goes on around here. flash also likes to cook and asked me the other day, “do i get to start cooking again sometime?” i love the fact that i am married to someone who also has a passion for food and cooking. the drawback is that somehow we do not cook well together and so it is an either or thing. when he is around and i have the chance to cook something without also juggling the kids i really want to take it. so often, i take over dinner and ask him to be the person doing the parenting. perhaps we should start splitting up the weekend so we each get a night of cooking and a night of playing pre-dinner hour without also trying to cook. me thinks i might have just stumbled upon an idea.


right now the bean is sitting on the couch completely in the nude with a bowl of cashews in his lap which he is happily munching. it is too much. the cuteness factor is over the moon.  i, on the other hand, am still several pounds above my optimal weight and i am bouncing on the ball while wearing chickpea in lovely eva (i know shocking news) and eating way more than my fair share of terra kettle, sea salt & pepper, krinkle cut potato chips.  not only am i not losing weight…i am basically just painting it on here.  oh well.  another day another day.


this seems as good a place as any to end this long winded post and let you all get back to your own lives.  if you made it this far that is.  i had thought i was just going to throw up a few brief points but as always, i am just too wordy.  or words-y as the title says.  


hasta la pasta peoples.  happy living.

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some friends and i thought we’d start a place where we could share meal plans and recipes so we launched “bacon & cookies.”  it is very bare bones right now and i am not sure any of us have the time or skills to make it any better.  but, i did get my meal plan for the week typed up along with all the recipes so i thought i should share it here too.  see what you think.  i should confess that although i meal plan with days of the week i hardly ever stick to those days.  i like to make what i am in the mood for so i pick and chose what i want each day.  it just makes more sense to look at it next to days.

monday – homemade pasta with “normande” sauce.  (the pasta is from pw’s site and i ended up using 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 white just to be a little healthier.  they still got rave reviews.  flash made the sauce and i did my best here to type up his recipe.)

tuesday – pork chops w fennel crust, lemony grilled veggies, sage lemon vinaigrette for everything.

wednesday – lemon shallot grilled chicken on top of arugula based green salad (left over sage vinaigrette)

thursday – cajun/bbq pork shoulder ribs, corn bread, braised cabbage

friday – leftovers or homemade pizza (on the grill?)

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i heart lemon

yesterday wotw stopped by to pick up some products i ordered for her from arbonne and to give me a new lemon zester she had gotten for me. as if she knew, pioneer woman put up a recipe for baked lemon pasta that called for lemon zest. but, since i am a good girl eating healthy and avoiding heavy cream and bacon i have not been looking at her cooking. as i promised. luckily, cakeissweet (formerly called gohan and also known as my sister in law) linked me to pw cooks because she had seen it and knows of my love for lemon.

i really could not justify doing the whole baked with sour cream thing (read: i had no sour cream and it was already 5:30) but i had what was needed for the “if you are in a hurry” version she mentions at the beginning of her post. funny enough, i had the cream on hand because i had made my version of her quiche for mothers day. (if you are wondering my biggest change is the cheese. i use a mild cheddar which i found to be a better fit.)

her “in a hurry” version called for parsley which i don’t have but my front garden is being totally taken over by my sage which is thriving this spring so i used that. i love sage. i love lemon. i love butter. i love cream sauce.  it was hard for this recipe to go wrong. i cooked up some brown rice pasta (gluten free of course for the sake of the bean) and i threw the sauce together and it took all of about ten minutes total to make. now that is a major bonus in my book. and holy smokes my new lemon zester is out of this world good. i can’t believe i doubted the joy of a better lemon zester. everyone needs this kitchen gadget. thank you wotw for changing my life.  in fact, the zester is so good the first thing i did when i was done zesting was pick up the phone and call wotw and tell her how thankful i was.  i tend to be terrible about thanking people and i decided spur of the moment phone call was more successful then the thank you cards i intend to write and send but never get to.  phew, side track over.


i made a spinach and red pepper salad to eat as my healthy accompaniment to the cream sauced pasta but i liked the sauce so much i ended up dumping my salad into my bowl with my pasta and essentially dressing it with the sauce and eating it with the pasta. it was so good. sooo soooooooo goooooooood.


in fact, it was so good i could not stop myself from making it again today for lunch. i used more olive oil and less butter, i added about 4 table spoons of milk instead of a 1/2 cup of heavy cream, i put it on buckwheat gluten free pasta and i mixed my baby spinach in so it was kind of a pasta salad type situation. it was GOOD. but, i do heart lemon. love love love it. if you love lemon, give it a shot.

lunch is served!

lunch is served!

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i threw this together yesterday with what i had on hand.  it was a nice side dish for our grilled burgers last night and tastes great as todays lunch as well.  



rice salad

rice salad



  • about 2 coups cooked brown rice
  • 1 orange pepper
  • 3 broccoli crowns
  • 1/3 head of iceburg lettuce
  • 1 14oz can white kidney beans
  • 1/8 cup tahini
  • 1 lemon
  • 1/2 cup (or less) olive oil
  • 2 cloves fresh garlic
  • salt


  1. steam the broccoli until just cooked then run under cold water.
  2. while broccoli cools fully chop up pepper into approximately 1/2 inch pieces.
  3. chop iceburg lettuce 1/2 inch pieces.
  4. drain beans and rinse well.
  5. once broccoli is cooled chop it into roughly bite sized bits.
  6. combine pepper, rice, broccoli and beans in a large bowl.
  7. put the garlic through a press or chop finely into a small bowl.
  8. add tahini.
  9. zest lemon into the bowl.
  10. squeeze lemon juice into the bowl careful not to include seeds.
  11. stir well.
  12. now add olive oil until it looks like enough dressing to coat your salad.
  13. add salt to taste.
  14. pour dressing over salad and toss very well.  the dressing is thick and the salad needs a good stirring to make sure everything is coated.
  15. enjoy!



healthy veggies, brown rice, beans for protein, and fresh garlic!  this salad is flavorful and healthy and great for those of us who want to continue to enjoy eating yummy food without packing on quite so many pounds.  enjoy!

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like i said…


a healthy (in my opinion) recipe.


broccoli and white bean salad with sage dressing.

  • three broccoli crowns
  • 1 can of small white beans
  • 1/2 box of baby lettuce
  • crumbled gorgonzola
  • one lemon
  • one shallot (or two)
  • fresh sage (i used about 1.5 cups loose)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil


  1. cut the broccoli into bite sized pieces and either steam until just soft or blanch.
  2. run broccoli under cold water to stop cooking and set aside to cool.
  3. rinse the beans well.
  4. while broccoli is cooling chop the shallots into small pieces.
  5. put shallots and sage in food processor.
  6. zest the lemon into the food processor.
  7. squeeze lemon juice into food processor being careful not to get any seeds in.
  8. process shallots, lemon and sage until it is very finely chopped.  then slowly add olive oil until it gets to a nice dressing consistency.  i do like this dressing thickish though.
  9. when dressing is done blending add salt and pepper to taste.
  10. now combine salad greens, beans and cooled broccoli in a large bowl.  sprinkle with crumbled gorgonzola and top with dressing.
  11. eat it.  love it.  if you don’t love it come back here and tell me how you’d tweak it to make it better.



ok i already ate most of it

ok i already ate most of it

i did remember to take a picture but it wasn’t until i had already eaten a fair amount of my serving.  and yes, the salad is really green and the dressing is green so it isn’t very eye popping (i’d have added a red pepper if i had one) but green is good for you and we are all about health here now people.  my peeps.  my fellow heath seeking peeps.


a note, i don’t like to waste any broccoli so i cut the lower parts of the stems into little “coin” sized rounds to have in the salad as well as the floret tops.  i also squeezed a little lemon juice onto the broccoli as it cooled just because i like lemon.  also, i am really into cool dressings these days.  i made enough to use on this salad and have some left over.  its good on almost anything.  i’ve been doing the same with the tahini type dressing from the quinoa salad recipe. making yummy dressing is a pleasing way to be healthy i think.

ok, the chickpea is stirring. happy healthing.

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