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and then

and then it was time to pack.

and wake up and eat breakfast and finish packing.

and drive the 2.5 hours to charlotte with the two kids in the back and my dad at the wheel and me pulling out the stickers, the crayons, the toy cars, and every version of every song i know to entertain them.  oh yes, and the cashews, pistacios, baby carrots, pretzels, and sesame snacks to munch on.

then we had to return the car and take the car rental place bus to the terminal.

where the bean NEEDED a new toy.

and i NEEDED some food to eat.

and we made it to the gate in time to board.

and i sat in my seat with the pea on my lap and the bean next to me waiting for the guy who had seat 20C to get on.  he was basically the last person on.  he finally got to the back of the plane.

and, i said, “my dad is traveling with me and my kids.  but for some reason he got an email bumping him up to first class and he lost his regular seat which was this one here.  so i am hoping you would be willing to let him have this seat and you can go sit in seat 1A?”

and he said, “so you are basically bumping me up to first class?”

“yes.  please.”

“well, as much as i would love to sit here with you and your two young children i am going to have to accept your offer to be sitting in first class instead.”

and then my dad made it back to 20C.  and we were delayed slightly at the gate and the pea fell asleep nursing before we even took off.

eventually it was time to descend and it was so bumpy and i had the vomit bag at the ready because it has become clear on our last few flights that the bean might be developing some motion sickness.

and then he threw up, right into the bag i was holding for him, while the pea was nursing.

and then we did that a few more times.

then we landed and the puking was over and i was telling him how proud of him i was.

we eventually got our bags and flash picked us up and we installed the car seats and got on the road and then we dropped my dad off at his office where his car was and then we drove the hour-ish home to our house.

and then the kids really really really wanted to play with daddy.

eventually they went to sleep and early in the morning they woke up.

flash went to work.

and the day has rolled past me so far like a blur.  i did get to shower at one point.  i got a suitcase unpacked.  i got some packages opened.  we ate canned soup for lunch.  i sent flash the list for trader joe’s.  i pulled some italian wedding soup out of the freezer for dinner.  i made coffee, i made tea, i made more tea.

we are home.

it is so nice to be home.  home. home. home. home.

it is a nice fit.  us and home.

we do miss gran gran, and rhyson, lacey, carolina, ruhe, lucky and eli.  we miss the SUN and the SPRING that is clearly in aiken.

i feel lost that it is midweek and i have no meal plan and i have no vegetables in my fridge and i can’t even figure out where to begin.  so i am spinning in circles instead.  dreaming up sewing projects and wanting to put all my loose herbs into glass jars.  yep.  that’d be nice.

i know it takes a few days to settle in.

i feel so lucky to have my life.  the one where i get to visit in aiken and come home and be healthy and happy and loving both places.  i am on a high of gratitude for my marriage and my children and these two cats i have.

and the cute skirty that arrived while i was gone:

yeah so, that is here.  how is there?


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