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it is spring fever i think.
the projects are jumping into my mind and wanting somewhere to spill out onto.

all kinds of movement wanting to happen.
all kinds of dreams begging to be brought to fruition.

on the docket:
finishing my degree. GASP.
free handing my own daily planner (monday – friday)
couch to 5k or something like it.
sorting through the kids clothes and getting rid of everything that does not fit creating a simplified wardrobe for the both of them.
easter eggs
and perhaps a bunny
and so so so so super excited about making a bunch of these potions with my good geeky green local friend. we have almost everything we need already on hand. this little booklet is super fun. treat yourself.
and also, secretly and tucked away for the right moment, a few ideas for my animal communication and woowoo business. uh huh. very secretly so as not to intimidate myself.
and tonight for dinner, italian wedding soup or braised leeks and cabbage with angel hair pasta and ham. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what do the hands want to whip up?

how about you, what is the rising energy doing to you if it is spring where you are?


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