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prayer to me is an offering. or is followed by an offering.
like a gift to the gods.

sometimes when you do not know which way to turn your focus. when you feel like there is something to be worked on but you can’t even find the questions.

then it is time to just go to your helpers with gifts. with offerings. with thanks.

i throw some seeds to the birds as an offering to the animal spirits on my land.
i burn sage sending my offerings above and sprinkle dried herbs on my ground as an offering below.
i journey up up up with an orchid garland for one of my animal guides.
with a sack of dried tobacco for spirit teacher.

i call my children to the table for cookie time.

sometimes when there is so much i want to do and i do not know which way to turn and i want to ask for help but i am not sure which help i want. that is the time to back down and simply find ways to say thank you. to offer back. to appreciate.

then perhaps i will find the calm i need to help me offer myself up to the world in the best ways i can.


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