Archive for March 9th, 2010

for awhile there it seemed like there was a space opening up between the bean and i. we have been so close for so long and i couldn’t figure what was going on. i guessed it was just a part of growing up. but, to be safe i dedicate myself to finding ways to say yes to him more often. i also tried to stay more aware of actively trying to connect with him – especially at the start of the day or after time apart. i’d pull him into my lap, tickle him, tell him a joke – anything, while making eye contact and waiting for us to share a smile.

i am not sure if the extra effort paid off or if some energy that was between us just shifted but i feel so happy to be enjoying the free flow of love between us again. it almost seems more wonderful after those days of disconnect.

i am still answering the occasional question over at formspring.me. (even when i am intimidated by being addressed as “oh wise one.”)


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