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hypothetical fun

i recently saw a few bloggers i like link up to this place online designed simply to be a question and answer site.  first it was desiree from so fawned and then kyrie from are so happy. i had some fun reading through the questions they had answered yesterday. then i had some fun making up a little profile page for myself. then i thought, maybe it would be fun to link people up to this on my blog?

that is where my good friend fear crept in. she got right to work imagining how hurt my feelings would be when i put the link up and then no one when over and asked me a question. i listened to her. then i said, that is a fine theory and all but i think i am choosing to reject it. i am giving up debilitating fear for lent you see. i think i will just do this for fun and if no one asks me a question i will assume that means no one had any questions for me. i am going to keep it simple.

so, i have jumped on the bandwagon.
come here and ask me anything you want and i’ll do my best to answer it. cool?
if you don’t come ask anything that is fine too. or at least, i am working on it being fine.

p.s. if you are on on formspring.me let me know so i can ask you questions!
p.p.s. i put a link over on my tool bar so you can get to me on formspring easily any day.

happy thursday.


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