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when i grow up

in the last few months i have found several blogs i like to read in which the mama’s are always taking their little one’s for walks in the woods, and i am looking at the pictures with such envy.  i hold these women up as amazing people who manage to get their children out regularly to be in the magic of the forest.  i am jealous as i look at the pictures and imagine having kids who explore the woods with me.

yesterday a friend/the mom of one of sebastian’s school friends/a woman i’ve had some nice playdates with asked me if we wanted to get together this morning and i said yes.  she said the weather was supposed to be ok and did i want to go to a reservation with a nice walking trail a few towns over.  in december.  in new england.  go for a walk in nature.  can you believe it?

i asked her if she would try this reservation near our old house here in town and she agreed and we had a plan.  this morning it was quite cold and i considered calling her to say it was nuts but i held off.  by the time we were meeting up it is was warm enough to go exploring and the bean was so excited for our “hike.”

does it get any better than this?

we had such a wonderful amazing time and you know what.  it was so simple.  we just got dressed, drove over, and went for it.  just like that i went from wishing i was a mama who played with her kids in the magical forest to a mama playing with her kids in the magical forest.  abra cadabra.

what do you wish you did with your children that you could try out this week?


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